6 Things to Check Before Buying a Second Hand Phone

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Cell Phones nowadays are very in demand because of the ease of communication it gives to us. In the past, writing letters which were sent through mails were the old methods of communicating to our love ones as well as for working reasons. But when telecommunications were built, countless numbers of cellphones were produced by many different manufacturing industries. Some of the companies that manufacture cell phones are Samsung, Apple, Inc., Sony, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaome, Vivo, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, and many more.  

Today, communication is just one of the reasons why people buy cellphones. Some were thinking of the features that it gives such as the camera, the storage, the iOS or android compatibility, and more. As many manufacturers continues their upgrades in order to give their clients or prospective customers the most reliable and most high-tech phones, many cellphone brands are popping in the business world that offer more convenient and updated features of phones.  

If you were thinking on what if’s like “Should I sell my cellphone? for you to buy a new phone that has better features then it is not a problem. There were many websites or store online in which you could sell your phone. In just a click, a customer can message you and make appointments for him/her to buy your phone. 

Well, all of us wanted to have genuine and high-tech cell phones for our satisfaction. Yet, having the most genuine and most updated cell phones means, buying the phone with a justifiable or a great price. Some may cost a thousand or even a hundred thousand. Because of this, customers who are on a tight budget reconsiders buying a second hand cellphone. 

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Second-Hand Cellphone 

  • Know the exact type of cell phone you wanted to buy. When buying second-hand phones, you must know the exact type, brand, model, or specifications of the cell phone that you wanted to buy. Through this, you will be able to get the exact cell phone that you wanted. 


  • Know the differences between fake and original cellphones. Before buying a second-hand phone, you must know the ideas on how you will be able to differentiate the fake and the original type of brands of phones. Through this, you can avoid buying a fake cell phone and you could actually save money. 


  • Know your budget.  Of course, buying branded phones means spending more than buying cell phones that are not yet established. But still, you must consider your budget before buying high-tech cell phones. Sometimes we want to buy phones which have higher compatibility or have a better version of Android or iOS but the budget that we have is very tight. So before looking for your ideal phone, know your budget first. 


  • Know the exact location on where you will buy the phone. Usually when buying stuff now can be done online such as Lazada, Amazon, eBay, Shopee, other online shops. In just a click, you can search for the type of cell phones that you want and make arrangements with the customer. But before doing so, you must reconsider the location of the seller before buying for you to figure out if it is near you or if it is too far from you. Through this, you could save time, money, and effort. 


  • Inspecting the cell phone features and appearance. Upon meeting up with the seller, you must try to inspect the item first for you to know if the phone is still functioning or if it has defects. Through this, you can avoid buying phones which have defects or if the phone is not functioning at all. 


  • Negotiating with the seller. If the buyer has already seen the phone and he/she likes it then you must go for negotiating with the seller. If the price is a bit high for you then you can ask the seller for discounts. Finally, if the seller and the buyer agree with their terms then a deal has been done. 


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